The 1st edition of the LABS EXPO Laboratory Equipment and Technology Fair is coming up in April 2023!


We warmly invite you to participate in the 1st edition of the LABS EXPO Laboratory Equipment and Technology Fair, which will be held on 26-27 April 2023 at the Poznań Congress Center. We are launching an event that will be dedicated to the entire laboratory industry. It is a direct meeting of Exhibitors who will showcase equipment and solutions for laboratories and people who want to get acquainted with the latest offerings, and also attend engaging trainings and conferences. We are responding to the need for a unique event that Poland currently lacks.


We warmly invite manufacturers and distributors whose offerings includes the following to showcase their products and join the ranks of Exhibitors:

- furniture and equipment for laboratories
- small laboratory equipment, accessories, laboratory glassware
- analytical, control and measurement apparatus
- optical equipment
- IT systems supporting laboratory operations
- technological innovations
- scales
- protective clothing
- hygiene and protective products
- diagnostic equipment
- apparatus and reagents for biochemical, analytical, immunochemical, microbiological tests
- scientific institutes and research centres
- certification bodies


We invite representatives of:

- industrial, analytical, medical, biological, food, environmental, cosmetic, forensic, hospital and other laboratories

- quality control departments

- R&D departments

- sanitary and epidemiological stations

- veterinary inspectorates

- higher education institutions

- science and research establishments


If you want to find out how to design, modernise or furnish your laboratory, mark this date in your calendar today!

26-27 April 2023, PCC Poznań